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Pricing & Payments
The shipment price is calculated on the basis of exact weight or volumetric weight (whichever is higher) and the destination of the item. These are calculated by our agent at the time of pickup and the exact price is given to you accordingly.
What is the price estimate shown on the website?
How to calculate the volumetric weight for my item?
Are there any extra charges for pickup and packaging?
How can I make the payment?
Are there any cancellation charges?
Can the item be picked-up immediately?
Can I schedule a future pickup now?
What do I need to do when your agent arrives for pickup?
Can your agent refuse to pickup any item?
Can I change the pickup address?
How will the packing be done?
What if the item(s) is already packed?
What if the item is damaged in transit?
Can I get parcels delivered to Post Office boxes?
Under what circumstances is the courier not be delivered?
Will I be informed about the delivery?
Why is my tracking information not updating?
What items will not be shipped by Dependo?
How to schedule a pickup for heavy/bulk items or large shipments?
Can I courier TV, Paintings and other fragile items?