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Destinations Weight Rate
Within City
(Typically delivered next business day)
Upto 500gms 90/-
Within State (Outside city)
(Typically delivered in 4-5 business days)
Upto 500gms 130/-
Outside State (National)
(Typically delivered in 4-5 business days)
Upto 500gms 150/-
Every Additional 500gms
500gms 60/-

1. The exact price is calculated by our agent at the time of pickup, after measuring actual dimensions and weight of your item.

2. If you are not satisfied with the final price, you can ask our agent to cancel the pickup without any charges.

3. Our agent will collect cash payment from you only after he packs and weighs your shipment in front of you.

4. The final price given by our agent is calculated based on the exact weight or volumetric weight(size) (whichever is higher).

5. The volumetric weight (in kgs) can be calculated by the following formula:

length (cm) X breadth (cm) X height (cm)


6. For more information please call +91 9071410249 or feel free to have a chat with us from our website.

7. Any specialized packaging will be chargeable at actual cost of procurement and can delay shipment transit time.