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Dependo 3PL

Our engagement in ‘warehousing’ begins from the planning stage, which includes identification of strategic locations for your warehouses. We further work with our customers closely to design their rack layout, as well as to decide the optimal stocking levels. Warehousing is one the most important aspect of Third Party Logistics, commonly known as 3PL. We work with a world-class warehouse management system that records every transaction and maintains data integrity. Our state-of-the-art warehouse management systems monitor and control all critical warehouse processes. Warehouse management systems record all events and activities in the receipt, handling & storage of products and orders in the warehouse or distribution centre, including the location of inventory for dedicated supply chain-ready solutions.

What differentiates us from other Third Party Logistics companies in India:

  • s2List_icon  Highly configurable lot handling and shelf life handling (for FMCG and food items)
  • s2List_icon  Each piece scanning for tracking movement of inventory within and between warehouses
  • s2List_icon  Integration with Warehouse Control Systems (ASRS -Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems), (Carousel systems)
  • s2List_icon  Kitting and VAS (Value-Added Services)
  • s2List_icon  Powerful integration and reporting functionality
  • s2List_icon  Highly configurable rules and strategies for put-away, replenishment, picking, kitting and VAS
  • s2List_icon  Wave Planning - to group and plan the work in the warehouse
  • s2List_icon  Strong cross-dock – easy flow through, VAS with quick transhipment facility
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We provide the following services:

Distribution &
Delivery Management

Automation Support

Inventory &
Stock Control





Loading /


Pick & Pack

In addition to your daily jobs, the following need to be considered while designing a new warehouse and the busy executives do not have the time for this.

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  • s2List_icon  Size of the warehouse
  • s2List_icon  Number of Loading Bays
  • s2List_icon  Receipts & Dispatch Areas
  • s2List_icon  Automated or Conventional
  • s2List_icon  Location
  • s2List_icon  Warehouse
  • s2List_icon  Layout
  • s2List_icon  Cost
  • s2List_icon  Stock Location
  • s2List_icon  Warehouse Management System
  • s2List_icon  Building & Fire Regulations